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Dstv Installers Pringle Bay

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Dstv Installation in Pringle Bay

DSTV Installation Pringle Bay is a well established professional company which operate in all Pringle Bay areas. We are trained and qualified DSTV specialists with several years of experience in the industry. DSTV Installation Pringle Bay is found on the basis of trust in providing the best quality service at competitive prices. We believe in same day professional services making sure you don’t miss any of you favorite channels.


Related Services

DStv Installations

Our DStv Explora and HD PVR installations are very affordable. We also install extra view.

DStv Upgrades

We will make the best recommendation for your DStv upgrade at the best price.

DStv Repairs

We offer competitive rates on all your DStv repairs, relocations, additions and maintenance.

DStv Re-installation Service

We offer a re-location service for any clients moving in Cape Town, Pringle Bay and surrounding areas. TV Wall Mounts We have experience with all types of TV wall mountings and surround sound system installations.

Additional Services

DStv Explora decoder installations | DStv and TV Antenna systems | Xtra View decoder installations | LNB replacement | Satellite dish relocation

 Xtraview 3Decoders Lrg


Extra View

Extra View is a highly cost effective and flexible way of getting more DStv channels into your home, An Extra View set up allows you to set up three Extra View capable DStv decoders at a cost of a single subscription- Extra View, plus an access fee of R85 per month. (subject to change)


This allows you to view three channels at once in three different locations within your Home yet paying for one account. We offers you a number of Extra View packages to choose from: Check out our fantastic packages below.

How does Extra View work?

Basically, three decoders* are linked to work under a single subscription. Each decoder is independently connected to the satellite dish and each decoder has a smartcard. In the Extra View installation, one decoder is designated as the “primary” decoder and the other one is designated as the “secondary”. The decoders are linked by a cable that allows communication between them and the primary decoder sends a “heartbeat” to the secondary decoder via this cable. If the cable is removed or the “heartbeat” lost, the secondary decoder will lose video & audio until the cable is replaced or the “heartbeat” resumed. There is no impact to the primary decoder if the cable is disconnected.



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